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Travel Spot :: Notable vine districts of France

In the 1800s Champagne was noticeably sweeter compared to Champagne today. The trend towards drier Champagne began when Perrier- download vine bot Jou?t didn't sweeten his 1846 vintage ahead of exporting it to London. The designation Brut Champagne, the modern Champagne, was developed for the British in 1876

With the exception of certain famous vineyards with the Rh?ne, the vinelands of the Champagne may, perhaps, be classed among the most picturesque in the more notable vine districts of France. Between Paris and Epernay even, the banks from the Marne present a series of scenes of quiet beauty. The undulating ground is everywhere cultivated like a garden. Handsome ch?teaux and charming country houses peep from amid luxuriant foliage. Picturesque antiquated villages line the river's bank or climb the hill sides, and after leaving La Fert?-sous-Jouarre, the cradle with the Cond?s, increasingly favoured situations commence to become covered with vines.

This is especially the truth in the vicinity of Ch?teau-Thierry--the birthplace of La Fontaine--where the view is shut in on the sides by

vine-clad slopes, that the spring frosts seldom spare. Hence merely one good vintage away from four gladdens the hearts of the peasant proprietors,

who find eager purchasers for his or her produce among the lower-class manufacturers of champagne. In the same way the _petit vin de Chierry_,

dexterously prepared and judiciously mingled to growths, often figures as "Fleur de Sillery" or "Ay Mousseux." In reality it is not until we have passed the ornate modern Gothic ch?teau of Boursault,erected in her own declining years with the wealthy Veuve Clicquot, certainly the shrewdest manipulator of the sparkling products of Ay and Bouzy of her day, along with the many towers and turrets ones, rising above umbrageous trees, crown the loftiest height within eyeshot of Epernay, that people find ourselves within that charmed circle of vineyards whence champagne--the wine, not only of princes, as it has been somewhat obsequiously termed, but fundamentally the _vin de soci?t? comes from.